Hello Students and Adult Leaders!


GivingPoint is pleased to bring their classroom learning experience to an online community! This online series is for high school aged students seeking to make a powerful and meaningful impact in their communities.

GivingPoint has spent years working in Atlanta to inspire students to put their passion to action through volunteer opportunities, service learning, and training in Social Entrepreneurship. Our work has taught us that high school students are full of passion and loaded with ideas that have the ability to change our world. It is in this spirit that we have packaged the curriculum for our 10-month academy into an online module series.

Our hope is to inspire other students across the country and around the world to put their passion to action. Our wish is to inspire a generation of people committed to making a difference in the world.

By participating in these online modules you are taking the first step as a student to be the source of change. As an Adult Leader who is utilizing this as a tool with your students, you make the difference and your support can help students in your community to become sources of change!


Thank you for joining the movement!


James Aucoin

Director of Programs


See what can be learned in each module